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Covered Lathe – Curtain Track alternative.

A smart and discreet way of concealing a plain metal curtain track, enhancing any pair of curtains while also creating a neat and sophisticated look. A ‘Covered Lathe’ quite simply is a metal curtain track housed on a wooden board and fascia which is professionally covered in the same or contrasting fabric as the curtain material. The curtains are then hung and dressed on the fabric covered fascia and glide effortlessly across the front of the covered Lathe using the built in corded mechanism which is a design feature of the curtain track.

With this beautiful example, our client was looking to create an elegant feature to add that extra special finish to their living room, maintaining a cosy yet contemporary feel. While there are a number of ways to dress a bay window, a Covered Lathe and Fascia is a fantastic solution to disguise that obligatory bay window curtain track into an added feature of the window treatment.

Double Pinch Pleat Curtains on Covered Lathe

With the fabulous choice of fabric; Romo Floris, these Double Pinch Pleat curtains (above) and Roman blind (below) beautifully harbour the budding cherry blossoms that are characteristic of this new fabric range released in Romo’s Autumn/Winter collection.

Roman Blind; Romo Floris

While we design and dress a variety of window treatments at Front of House, we are really loving this understated design feature at the moment. Not only does it allow you to conceal the functionality of the curtain track, making it more aesthetically pleasing on the eye, but they are also loved for their ability to eliminate that dreaded light from creeping into the room, which is quite commonly experienced with any normal curtain track. A win win situation.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this as a design alternative to your standard curtain track that many people try to avoid.

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