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Realising your own preferences.

‘If you love something, it will work, that’s the only real rule.’ – Bunny Williams In a world full of trends, we are filled with a perception of how things should look based on all the home and design magazines that you turn to when choosing your soft furnishings. Each and every one of us, however, has a unique vision of colour and style that they feel passionate about and their own personality dictates the things they fill their lives and homes with. At Front of House, we are regularly faced with the challenge that is ‘the brief’! Some clients approach us with the assumption that we have the answers, that we are the ones with the authority to decide what material to choose and what colours they should choose to make their room look acceptable. As Interior Designers, we have the experience, passion and knowledge of the industry, however this does not place us in the minds of our clients. Bunny Williams, a renowned Interior Designer is typically characterised for being a trial-blazer but also a taste-maker, and it is this ethos that we endeavour to adopt with our clients. The first hurdle is to inspire our clients with the options available while also reminding them that there are no set rules. Essentially, we are here to help our clients realise their preferences. We want to help them fulfil their visions and assist them with creating the styles that they want to achieve. For us, it is about giving the client the confidence. Each finished window treatment you see in the photo carousel above adopts a completely different taste and style. Each client brief was fulfilled and the clients were thrilled with their new curtains or blinds, highlighting the variety in preferences. Giving our clients the opportunity and inspiration allowed them to realise their preferences and revisiting the quote from Bunny Williams, yes there are trends and fashion preferences within Interior Design but… ‘If you love something, it will work, that’s the only rule’ – Bunny Williams. With London Design Week 2018 approaching next week at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, we’re really excited to see the new collections from top fabric designers Jane Churchill, Harlequin, Villa Nova, Romo, Scion and Sanderson,amongst others. Some fresh inspiration for us to pass on to our clients.
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