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Hot Trends for 2019, Adding an Air of Luxury to the Scandi Backdrop!

Happy New Year from Front of House. As we enter what we hope to be another hugely successful year, we’re just loving the new hot trends for 2019 and we’re excited with anticipation to inspire our clients to be brave and bold!

With the past few years having been painted in grey, grey and more grey, our homes and interiors have taken a very Scandinavian appearance for want of a minimalist, bright, airy feel with clean straight lines and sharp streamlined edges.

As we embark on 2019, the passion for rich, dark colours is going to take off, along with the revival and return of patterned wallpaper with bold botanical designs and wild animals appearing amongst majestic buildings, there will be an air of luxury, warmth and comfort, hints of metallic and pretty displays of decadent fringes appearing.

Does this all sound a bit extreme?

Don’t panic! House Decor will not be taking a 360 degree turn! However, the beautifully painted Elephants Breath walls and white high gloss kitchens have the potential to be lifted and energised by some simple and inexpensive additions to incorporate the bold nature of these exciting trends.

Velvet scalloped shaped furniture, wallpapered rooms, and wall hangings are all making a comeback and are easily added to the Scandinavian style backdrops that a lot of us have adopted over the last few years.

We are also facing a significant change in the acceptance of big, bold, flouncy Drapes and Curtains as opposed to clean-cut Roman Blinds and Window Shutters. Blinds have dominated our choice for window dressings over the past decade but we’re so excited to see a shift in behaviour as we enter an era of theatrical, picturesque window features with tassels, pelmets and ruching re-appearing in our homes.

By combining the sleek, chic interior style of the last decade, with the bold, vibrant colours and patterns that are hot to trot as we enter 2019, this allows us to encompass two very different personalities, all within one room!

Visit the Showroom to peruse our fabric and wallpaper collections to see how you could add some flamboyant touches to your existing decor.

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